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Attention:  Community National is responding to numerous reports of fraudulent charges against customer accounts.  As you are probably aware,  Home Depot has confirmed that is it working with law enforcement to investigate compromised card account information from the store's systems.  

We are in the process of getting the information needed on the affected accounts so that we can take steps to protect our cardholders through fraud monitoring and, if needed, by reissuing cards.  The Bank is temporarily reducing card limits for purchase.  Withdrawal limits at the ATM and for other PIN transactions will not be affected.  Please be prepared to have an alternate form of payment for large purchases until this is resolved. 

What can you do to protect yourself?

1.  Make sure the Bank has your current contact information on file in case a fraud case manager needs to reach you.
2.  Check your accounts periodically throughout the day.  Thieves can drain your funds in a matter of minutes.  You don't want any surprises when you are trying to make a purchase.
3.  Contact us right away if you don't recognize a transaction on your account.  
To be on the safe side, the bank recommends that if you used your card in a Home Depot store within the last six months, you should cancel your card and get a new one.  

It is important for our consumer cardholders to know that they are protected against fraudulent purchases with MasterCard's Zero Liability policy.  Community National will work as quickly as possible to minimize the effects of any fraud targeted at our customer accounts.  


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