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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mobile deposit?

Mobile deposit (or mobile remote deposit capture) allows you to take a picture of a check with your smartphone or mobile device and submit it electronically to the bank for deposit via your online banking account.

How do I sign up for mobile deposit?

You must have an online banking account to sign up. Once you are in online banking select Services on the left column then choose Mobile Deposit Enrollment and complete the enrollment form.

Is there a limit on mobile deposits?

The dollar amount of each mobile deposit may not exceed $5,000. Higher dollar and daily limits may be approved upon request to ebanking@mybanktx.com.*

When are funds from mobile deposits available?

Funds from mobile deposits made before 3pm each day will usually be available the next business day. If funds from a particular deposit will not be available until later, we will let you know.*

What do I do with the original check?

You must retain a copy of the original check for at least 14 business days from the date of mobile deposit. The bank may request a copy of the original check during this time. After that time, you must destroy the check. YOU are solely responsible for safeguarding the original check.*

What types of checks can I deposit?

All checks deposited via mobile deposit MUST: (1) be payable to you as the account owner, (2) be no more than 6 months old, (3) be drawn on a U.S bank and (4) be free of any alterations.*

What happens if I accidentally deposit an original check that I previously submitted for mobile deposit?

You will be solely liable for any duplicate deposits and the bank will debit your account for the amount of the duplicate deposit. A duplicate deposit may result in termination of mobile and online services.

What if I need help with my mobile deposit?

For troubleshooting and other assistance, please contact ebanking@mybanktx.com.

*Additional conditions and restrictions may apply. Please review the complete Terms and Conditions.