Trust Banking

Estate Settlement

Who will settle your estate? One of the most important decisions in planning an estate is deciding upon the executor who will carry out your wishes. We recommend that you look for these characteristics in your executor:

Experience. How many estates has the executor handled? While it may be an honor to name a family member or close friend, are they willing and qualified?

Expertise. The professional skills needed to settle an estate include detailed accounting, investment management, and tax knowledge. Even a “modest” estate can be a burden for one person to handle.

Availability. Individuals may die or relocate, and even when they are available, they may take vacations, fall ill, or be pressed by other responsibilities.

Impartiality. Does your executor have a financial interest in the estate? Or, must they make difficult family decisions? Such situations can create conflicts of interest or strain family relationships. Your beneficiaries’ interests must come first, always.

Professional estate settlement is one of the most important services that we provide for families. Put Community National’s expertise to work for you by naming the bank as Independent Executor of your estate.

We may also serve as agent for an individual named as Independent Executor. Under this arrangement, the bank can relieve the appointed Executor of all the duties that are required in settling an estate, while keeping the Executor fully informed as settlement progresses.