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Rollover IRA Accounts

Rollover IRA Accounts
We recognize the importance of investing a lump-sum distribution from a retirement plan. For most individuals, it represents the most money that person will ever invest at one time. Managing a sum of this size is a serious undertaking. We offer two approaches for managing these important assets when they are placed in a Rollover IRA.

Self-Directed Accounts
If you feel comfortable making investment decisions on your own, we will simply invest your Rollover IRA per your instructions. We will execute your buy and sell decisions at low trading costs, collect and reinvest dividend and interest income, and provide you with complete records of all activity in your account.

Managed Accounts
If you prefer, we stand ready to manage your Rollover IRA on your behalf. One of our trust and investment officers will meet with you to design an investment strategy according to your risk tolerance and goals. Once the plan is created, we will manage your account within the parameters that you have established. 

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