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Building Your Home

Building your own home is exciting! And it's a major undertaking that takes lots of planning. Community National Bank & Trust of Texas will support your vision with a solid financial foundation and seamless strategies for each phase of the home-building process. Plus, you'll enjoy our very competitive loan rates!
On average, construction of a custom-built home can take from 4 to 12 months. We offer loans for lot/land purchases, as well as interim construction. When you're ready to move in, your CNB&T mortgage lender will see that your interim loan transitions smoothly to your permanent mortgage.

From Shovel To Shingle

When you plan to build your own home, you become the architect of your dreams. Count on your knowledgeable CNB&T lender to respect your vision, to relieve your burdens, and to be of service every step of the way.

Four Rules for Building Loans

Map of land plots for building a new home

Rule 1

You must be the owner of the land on which you are building your home, or the land must be included in the terms of the construction sales contract.

Construction worker looking at home being built

Rule 2

You must select a builder that is approved by Community National Bank & Trust of Texas.

Two hands shaking in agreement over building plans for a new home

Rule 3

Both you and your builder must approve final plans and specifications, also subject to review by CNB&T.

Clasped hands over building plans and crumpled paper on a table

Rule 4

You may not act as your own project manager or "general contractor."

“Do yourself a favor – if you're building a home, go to CNB&T. Their team took care of everything, and we were able to build our dream home! They even drove to Plano to close the loan. I've worked with other mortgage officers, but never with this level of personal service.”

Matt Kosarek | Client since 2014

Interim Construction Loans

Many contractors prefer working with Community National Bank & Trust of Texas for a good reason. Having inspectors available in-house makes inspections much more efficient. Plus, when you are approved for an interim construction loan, CNB&T offers you a free building account through which you can track expenses and the funds disbursed to your contractor.
A true benefit of partnering with CNB&T: you will only pay interest on the amount disbursed. Your interest payment will start out small, and then gradually increase as you use more of the funds. This way, you are not paying interest on the total loan amount for the entire construction period.
Builders appreciate that these transactions are handled in a timely manner by CNB&T, unlike the delays they may encounter at other financial institutions. Your building account provides you with excellent documentation for tax purposes, including any money you may have added to the loan account.

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