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Overdraft Protection
Enjoy Peace of Mind with Courtesy Pay

What do a flat tire, a broken water pipe, and an overdrawn bank account have in common? All of them fall into the category of "things that happen when you least need them to happen." Although there's not much we can do about the flat tire or broken pipe, there's plenty we can do to help you avoid the headaches that come with an overdrawn account. With our Courtesy Pay overdraft service, you will enjoy peace of mind in knowing that you have the ultimate in overdraft protection.


Opt out of the service at any time by completing a cancellation form at one of our branches, or by calling our Customer Care Center at (877) 654-4500.


Choose the types of transactions that are covered. Courtesy Pay includes check, ACH and electronic payments (at the bank's discretion). ATM and everyday debit card transactions may be included by selecting coverage in the Election Form.


We don't charge anything extra for Courtesy Pay unless you use the service. A fee may be imposed for each non-sufficient funds item created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means, including re-presentments of the same item previously returned unpaid. Click here for our current fee schedule, and contact us for current daily fee limits.


Courtesy Transfer uses available funds from a linked account to cover checks, ACH and electronic payments. It can also cover ATM and everyday debit card transactions if you opt-in to those selections. This complimentary service can be used in conjunction with other overdraft options.

Helpful Tips for Avoiding Overdrafts

Use our Online and Mobile Banking services to check account balances.
Set up complimentary “low balance” alerts via email or mobile device.
Download our CardValet app to track your purchases in real-time.
 Keep track of your posted and outstanding transactions.
Maintain a cushion in your account to cover any unexpected purchases.
Review your statements as soon as you receive them.

Ready to take advantage of our Courtesy Pay service?