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Wealth Management
Trust Services

We are trustworthy by design. The list of duties legally required of a trustee is considerable. With it comes the responsibility of preserving and protecting trust assets, careful investment and administration, maintaining records, communicating with beneficiaries and dealing with beneficiaries impartially.
These high standards of stewardship ensure that your wishes are followed and will give you peace of mind. We are experienced in the management of several different types of trusts, including living, testamentary and charitable trusts.
  • Living Trusts

    These trusts provide full financial management during life. The bank as trustee keeps records, pays bills, makes investment decisions, and distributes income and principal according to the terms of the trust. A living trust offers continued financial protection in event of incapacity, or when you wish to transfer management responsibilities to the bank for freedom to run a business, enjoy retirement or other activities.


    A legacy in trust, whether for a surviving spouse, a child or other family members, can provide a lifetime of financial security through careful, professional management. Possible estate tax savings can be accomplished.


    Thoughtfully designed trusts can provide financial benefits for you or for family members, as well as substantial support for your favorite charity. Significant tax benefits may be available as well.

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