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Wealth Management
Resource Library

Want to learn more about the services that our Wealth Management team offers? Check out the resources below to guide you through the process.

Living Trusts Guide

A living trust is a useful tool that can solve many financial and investment problems right now. Learn how below.


Testamentary Trusts Guide

The financial security of your loved ones is an important part of estate planning. Learn more below.


Retirement Planning with IRAs

IRAs can play an important role in your retirement planning. Learn why below.


IRA Rollovers Guide

Want to learn more about consolidating your assets? Download our IRA Rollovers guide for more info.


Naming Your Trustee

A trust is only as effective as the trustee that oversees it. Learn how to name one by clicking below.


Passing Along Your Wealth & Values

Learn how to pass along a priceless legacy that may help preserve your family’s prosperity for years to come.


Please note that Securities and Investment Products:

  •     Are Not insured by the FDIC or any other federal government agency
  •     Are Not deposits of or guaranteed by CNB&T or any of its affiliates
  •     May Lose Value

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